Kajsa Landgren, doktor i medicinsk vetenskap, legitimerad sjuksköterska & akupunktör

Ebok NADA. Öronakupunktur vid beroende och psykisk ohälsa SE

“NADA. Öronakupunktur vid beroende och psykisk ohälsa” (Kajsa Landgren, 2022. 192 pages, self published) is a book for anyone interested in acupuncture and non-pharmacological treatment of anxiety, sleep problems and withdrawal. NADA is a simple form of standardized ear acupuncture used in more than 70 countries in conjunction with standard psychiatric care and addiction treatment, in treatment centers and prisons, and as crisis intervention after natural disasters and acts of terrorism. Kajsa Landgren has been using and teaching NADA since 1995, mentoring NADA acupuncturists and researching NADA from various perspectives.

This book…

  • describes how the NADA method was formed out of a revolutionary movement in the USA in the 1970s and gives many examples of how NADA is used worldwide.
  • gives a voice to patients and therapists who describe their perceived effects of NADA as an aid in recovery from mental illness and drug addiction.
  • is a textbook for those taking the NADA training. The book describes the points and the craft with clear pictures.
  • provides a scientifically based explanatory model for how ear acupuncture works and a detailed picture of the research support for NADA.

295,00 kr