Kajsa Landgren, doktor i medicinsk vetenskap, legitimerad sjuksköterska & akupunktör


About Kajsa Landgren


I have been a registered nurse since 1978. I worked as a nurse in a psychiatric clinic (detoxification department for drug addicts) and then for many years in the somatic emergency department. In 1988, I finished a 1.5-year acupuncture training at the Swedish Acupuncture School, Malmö. In 1990, I studied for a year at the Center for Acupuncture, Gothenburg, with Per Nittve. In 1990-93 I studied at the Norwegian acupuncture school and in 1993 I was on an acupuncture course in Nanjing, China. In between and after that I have studied shorter courses for, among others, Giovanni Maciocia, Anton Jayasuriya, Ted Kaptchuk, Christer Carlsson and Richard Tan. I have studied Pediatric Acupuncture with Julian Scott and Alex Tiberi.

Among others, I have studied ear acupuncture for Michael Smith with colleagues at the Lincoln Clinic in New York (1997), John Tindall at the Gateway Clinic in London (1996), and doctors Shen, Raphael Nogier and Alain Coutte´.

In 2004 I took a master’s degree in nursing, in 2005 I finished specialist training in psychiatry and in 2007 I was accepted as a doctoral student at Lund University, Sweden. I obtained a licentiate degree in 2009 and a PhD in 2011.


I worked at my private acupuncture clinic from 1988 to 2015. Since 1995 I have been teaching ear acupuncture. 2006-2011 I was employed part-time as a doctoral student at Lund University. 2012 I started teaching and conducting research at Lund University. In 2019 I was appointed associate professor, in 2020 I was promoted to lecturer at Lund University. 2016-2022 I was a part-time clinical lecturer at the psychiatric clinic, Region Skåne, Sweden. In 2023, I quit as a lecturer and work part-time with research at Lund University and part-time with ear acupuncture training.


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From 1997, I have participated in acupuncture conferences in Sweden, Europe and the USA, as an audience or as a speaker.

In 2008 I was the key note speaker at the American NADA’s conference in Dallas.

In 2009 I gave a speech at a nursing conference in Lithuania. In 2009, I also showed a film I made about nurses’ experience of using ear acupuncture in psychiatric care at a conference in Michigan, USA. I also showed the film at the Euro-NADA conference in Zurich in 2009.

At the “Scandinavian TCM Congress” in 2009, I participated in a panel debate on the theme “Research in the field of Chinese Medicine”.

In 2010 I presented my research at the Science Day at the acupuncture conference in Rothenburg, in 2012 at NADA UK in London, in 2013 at the NADA Austria conference in Austria and at the iSAMS conference in Stockholm, in 2014 at the Society for Acupuncture Research conference in Beijing, in 2016 at Narrative Nursing conference and 2017 at the British Medical Acupuncture Society. In 2018, I lectured on acupuncture at two hospitals in Kunming, China. In 2019 I lectured at the British Acupuncture Council’s conference in London together with Siiri Hedlund, and in 2022 we lectured at the NADA conference in London. In 2023, together with Siiri Hedlund, I presented two articles at the Auriculotherapy Seminar in Copenhagen. I was the keynote speaker at the same conference and received an award.

An honorary assignment 2003-2013 is having been a censor at the final exam at the Danish Acupuncture Academy.